Series like Suits and Boston Legal help students at Alliance University to incorporate a different dimension to their law practice

Legal Drama series like Boston Legal and not only have a great popularity among common masses, but a cult following among the lawyers, especially the budding ones. Students in law schools across the world have been following these television series as religiously as their educational curriculum. And the reasons are obvious – not only these shows are fun to watch but also lend an insight into the practical and global workings of the legal world.


While there exists a certain suave in the way James Spader and Harvey Specter close their cases in courts, there is also a lingering conscience that motivates the lawyer in them. And then of course, you have the head strong and veteran Denny Crane with his famous analogy for ‘end of discussion’- “Denny Crane”.

Boston Legal

The sitcoms have a global fan following and in India, the spokesperson of a leading law school Alliance School of Law said that the students are often seen discussing the cases that the sitcoms deal with. Sometimes, they are too impressed by the hair breadth escapes of the heroes while the other times they wish it could be a little more realistic.

Alliance school of law

And in order to let the students ingrain an unconventional and different streak in to their practice, Alliance School of Law often conducts mock court sessions where the to-be-lawyers discuss cases from the television series. They try to adjust these cases according to the Indian legal structure and brain storm so as to find different angles. This practice has led a plethora of meaningful discussions with enriching ideas from the students and faculty, all alike.