Series like Suits and Boston Legal help students at Alliance University to incorporate a different dimension to their law practice

Legal Drama series like Boston Legal and not only have a great popularity among common masses, but a cult following among the lawyers, especially the budding ones. Students in law schools across the world have been following these television series as religiously as their educational curriculum. And the reasons are obvious – not only these shows are fun to watch but also lend an insight into the practical and global workings of the legal world.


While there exists a certain suave in the way James Spader and Harvey Specter close their cases in courts, there is also a lingering conscience that motivates the lawyer in them. And then of course, you have the head strong and veteran Denny Crane with his famous analogy for ‘end of discussion’- “Denny Crane”.

Boston Legal

The sitcoms have a global fan following and in India, the spokesperson of a leading law school Alliance School of Law said that the students are often seen discussing the cases that the sitcoms deal with. Sometimes, they are too impressed by the hair breadth escapes of the heroes while the other times they wish it could be a little more realistic.

Alliance school of law

And in order to let the students ingrain an unconventional and different streak in to their practice, Alliance School of Law often conducts mock court sessions where the to-be-lawyers discuss cases from the television series. They try to adjust these cases according to the Indian legal structure and brain storm so as to find different angles. This practice has led a plethora of meaningful discussions with enriching ideas from the students and faculty, all alike.


Alliance University awarded as ‘International University’15’ by HER

Been Madhukar Angurawarded as the ‘International University of the Year 2015’ by Higher Education Review, Alliance University has once again proven its credibility in the higher education sector. The university has bagged multiple awards in 2015 that recognized it as outstanding B-school by Competition Success Review and one of the best emerging B-schools of the country by Silicon India Education.

Alliance University has been accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), USA, a premier accreditation body for business management programs.

“I have had the good fortune of interacting with educators around the world and in my journey I have realized that it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of what we have set out to do. That is the vision or the guiding philosophy any organization,” says Dr. Madhukar Angur, Chancellor, Alliance University. “We have realized that the ecosystem is in a dire need of change. We intend to be the agents of change,” he added.


Alliance University has articulation agreements and MoUs with several universities and business schools across the world. The University also offers study abroad programs and educational facilities across USA, UK and Russia.

“Today, Alliance University is the fastest growing University in India, propelled by its commitment to provide quality education at par with the best internationally acclaimed. The University derives its strength from the trust and faith reposed by its faculty, students and alumni; which has been a constant motivation and propelling force for us to surge higher and higher, “ added Dr. Angur.

Dr. Angur has been recognized as ‘Asia’s most eminent Chancellor 2015’ by All India Council of Human Rights, Liberties and Social Justice, New Delhi.


Dr Madhukar Angur highlights the significance of Crisis Management Strategies


Madhukar Angur


A business organization faces several threats due to various unpredictable events and unanticipated factors. The loss and damage caused due to these events point out towards the dire need of effective crisis management strategies to minimize the adverse effects.  These strategies are instrumental in safeguarding the organization against the possible threats.

Crisis Management is one of the most crucial aspects for an organization. It is a set of strategies designed to safeguard and help an organization deal with an unexpected unfavorable event. Crisis management strives to minimize the negative consequences and limit the damage caused to the organization. It is a vital process which enables an organization to deal and keep a check on all the events that pose a threat to the organization, its stakeholders or the general public. The extensive industrial and environmental calamities in 1980s led to the origin of crisis management strategies.


Madhukar Angur


Dr Madhukar Angur, the chancellor of Alliance University focuses on the need of effective Crisis Management for any business organization. According to him, Crisis Management is one of the most essential strategies for ensuring the long-term growth and well being of an organization. The initial step in crisis management planning involves identifying an individual to serve as the crisis manager and clarifying the roles and responsibilities.  Madhukar Angur further states the importance of a comprehensive study for anticipating all the possible potential crises for an organization. It becomes important to ensure proper monitoring systems and practices for the detection of early warning signals of any predictable crisis. Crisis management proves to be more effective than risk management which is limited to identifying the potential threats and figuring out the best possible ways to overcome those threats. On the other hand, Crisis Management involves finding ways to deal with the threats before, during and after their occurrence.

Dr. Madhukar Angur clearing the doubts about Relationship Marketing


Madhukar Angur


Relationship Marketing is often confused with Public Relation as concern of both the strategies revolves around customer and audience. Dr Madhukar Angur, Chancellor of Alliance University came forward to clarify all the doubts and confusions that keep occurring in minds of many business and management students who wish to be Entrepreneurs.

In his Journal of Relationship Marketing, which he drafted with R. Mohan Pisharodi and G. Shainesh’s support, he has defined how relationship marketing is that form of marketing, which focuses on customer retention and satisfaction, where Public Relation is about managing the flow of information between an organization and individual.

Relationship Marketing is the area of interest of Dr. Madhukar Angur and that is why he has spread mindfulness among masses regarding the same, without any flaw. He has explained why acquiring new customers is more difficult than the retention of old ones due to strong influence power of organization over the latter segment. But both are equally important because not even a single company can survive without increasing its client base.


Madhukar Angur


Dr. Angur used facts and statistics to explain the same concept, that how slight increase of 2% in customer retention can decrease the cost up to 10%. By giving examples of global brands like American Airlines, Dell, Direct Recruitment and Ikea, he strengthened his point that by implementing the relationship marketing strategies in a business with precision, one can get more benefits.

The matter has been extended by enumerating the possibilities of job profiles the students have after specializing in Relationship Marketing which include Brand Manager and Sales Associate, and goes beyond the profile of Human Resource Manager as well.

Dr. Madhukar Angur is the Chancellor of Alliance University, who constantly works towards making the University to rank among the best Business Schools of the world by the year 2025. And it all can happen with the help of strategic moves, standardized action plans and an unwavering commitment to the pursuit of excellence, which the University has already adapted in its working operations and proceeding with it.

Macro Management Concept by Dr Madhukar Angur

The Concept of Macro Management is exactly in contrast to Micro Management. Macro management is the act of leading decision makers or managing the managers. Macro management is a close concept to the economic concept of mechanism design.Management can be broken down into two categories: micromanagement and macro management.

“Macro” comes from the Greek word for large. Frederick Keller defined macro managing as setting business policy, determining strategy and organizing management. A macro-manager delegates responsibilities to subordinates.

Benefit of Macro management involves , as in this a  macro manager decides what projects need to be done, sets the desired outcome and delegates responsibilities to subordinates. Macro managers act as general overseers. They rely heavily on those assigned to a project to complete it according to standards and protocol, but they contribute very little.

Madhukar Angur

Both forms of management have pros and cons associated with it. In Macro management the  managers are the ones who give out instructions to the people working for them and leave. At times the decision making process becomes a problem when situations arise and a quick judgment has to be made. Employees cannot always make decisions about the company. To a certain degree workers can’t be left too much on their own and would require supervision. This can result to inefficiency in the workplace since decisions are not made right away and workers are left to handle and make use of their time as they want.

Alliance University also as a business school focus on such management styles for management point of view. Both Forms have benefits as well as pitfalls. So, for success of an organisation balance of both Micro management and macro management should be applied. But the style whatever we choose should be ” SMART”.

Madhukar Angur


Views of Dr Madhukar Angur on Collective Leadership

Leadership is often is taken to be a part of Network Control ,Assessment Process. According to me effective networks at workplace and Industry are the Best Places to find the best leaders. Collective leadership is an emerging approach to leadership development that received national attention. Collective leadership occurs when people come together and mobilize human, cultural, and technological resources in ways that improve their communities for achievement of a particular objective.

As a being  associated with a Business School    like Alliance University we teach about  it is as a relational approach where multiple individuals assume leadership roles within a group while the entire group provides leadership to the wider community; it is a fluid approach that evolves in response to specific situations and settings.

At the combined level , goal of an organisation would be initiate smart leadership.  This process involves to Encourage team members who are at odds with each other to work through their differences utilizing collaborative decision making and conflict management techniques. Encourage the sharing of individual expertise and strengths within the group to help balance out the president’s portfolio.

Madhukar Angur

A skilled senior leadership team that thrives in complex and less predictable environments is essential for achieving institutional goals.The time is rapidly approaching for organisations to restore the imbalance that has been shaped by focusing exclusively on the individual leadership model. this is basically only way to ensure sustainable growth.


Impact of Social Media in Business: Dr Madhukar Angur

Madhukar Angur


It’s actually a fact that we cannot deny the impact of Social Media on the Business of Marketing.When creating a social media marketing strategy, it is worth thinking very carefully about who is being targeted. There will be people within your social networks who may not necessarily be customers, but who nevertheless can have a massive impact on your marketing efforts. Social media has assumed a more powerful role in helping to shape buying behaviors, amplifying the volume.

Such Geo-targeting is an effective way to send your message out to a specific audience or demographic based on their location as Consumers and internet users who have grown up in an environment saturated with social media, mobile computing and constant connectivity continue to gain financial influence and will increasingly leverage their new found power to control — at least indirectly — pricing, product selection, distribution and marketing efforts.

We at Alliance  University , being a business school  try to focus on the latest Trends in Business followed . Therefore its important to discuss this impact full topic.


Madhukar Angur


The above statistics shows the gender wise ratio of  population involved in social media interaction. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have tools that allow you to communicate the right kind of content to your audience.

The use of social media to share and engage with others continues to grow at an astounding rate and I Believe this would mark the introduction of new era of Business Management and Marketing Tactics.