Series like Suits and Boston Legal help students at Alliance University to incorporate a different dimension to their law practice

Legal Drama series like Boston Legal and not only have a great popularity among common masses, but a cult following among the lawyers, especially the budding ones. Students in law schools across the world have been following these television series as religiously as their educational curriculum. And the reasons are obvious – not only these shows are fun to watch but also lend an insight into the practical and global workings of the legal world.


While there exists a certain suave in the way James Spader and Harvey Specter close their cases in courts, there is also a lingering conscience that motivates the lawyer in them. And then of course, you have the head strong and veteran Denny Crane with his famous analogy for ‘end of discussion’- “Denny Crane”.

Boston Legal

The sitcoms have a global fan following and in India, the spokesperson of a leading law school Alliance School of Law said that the students are often seen discussing the cases that the sitcoms deal with. Sometimes, they are too impressed by the hair breadth escapes of the heroes while the other times they wish it could be a little more realistic.

Alliance school of law

And in order to let the students ingrain an unconventional and different streak in to their practice, Alliance School of Law often conducts mock court sessions where the to-be-lawyers discuss cases from the television series. They try to adjust these cases according to the Indian legal structure and brain storm so as to find different angles. This practice has led a plethora of meaningful discussions with enriching ideas from the students and faculty, all alike.


Alliance University awarded as ‘International University’15’ by HER

Been Madhukar Angurawarded as the ‘International University of the Year 2015’ by Higher Education Review, Alliance University has once again proven its credibility in the higher education sector. The university has bagged multiple awards in 2015 that recognized it as outstanding B-school by Competition Success Review and one of the best emerging B-schools of the country by Silicon India Education.

Alliance University has been accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), USA, a premier accreditation body for business management programs.

“I have had the good fortune of interacting with educators around the world and in my journey I have realized that it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of what we have set out to do. That is the vision or the guiding philosophy any organization,” says Dr. Madhukar Angur, Chancellor, Alliance University. “We have realized that the ecosystem is in a dire need of change. We intend to be the agents of change,” he added.


Alliance University has articulation agreements and MoUs with several universities and business schools across the world. The University also offers study abroad programs and educational facilities across USA, UK and Russia.

“Today, Alliance University is the fastest growing University in India, propelled by its commitment to provide quality education at par with the best internationally acclaimed. The University derives its strength from the trust and faith reposed by its faculty, students and alumni; which has been a constant motivation and propelling force for us to surge higher and higher, “ added Dr. Angur.

Dr. Angur has been recognized as ‘Asia’s most eminent Chancellor 2015’ by All India Council of Human Rights, Liberties and Social Justice, New Delhi.


Madhukar Angur’s view on Branding in Business

Madhukar Angur

Branding acts as a way of communicating with your customers. Without expensive advertising, you can deliver a message through your well-designed brand.

In this consumer environment, I, Madhukar angur really agrees with the fact that the brands play a critical role. When consumers first started purchasing more food and raising less themselves, they purchased items from a bulk bin. They had no information about what ingredients the products contained, how safe they were, and how they would perform. Branding created the protection that consumers demanded.

A brand must

  • Invent its own style of communication
  • Prove its difference (why is this product better than competitor)
  • Regularly invest in communications

Regardless of your brand mission, identifying and gaining the devotion of your target audience is the necessary means to reaching your brand objectives.

Madhukar Angur

Business Environment

Madhukar Angur

The term Business Environment means sum total of all individuals, institutions and other forces that are outside business but have a effect on it’s performance. The economic , social , political , technological and other forces which work apart from the Business Environment .

Like  the changes in the Governments policies political uncertainty , changes in fashions and increased competition in the market , all such factors influence business .

Features of a Business Environment :

  • Totality of External Forces – Business Environment is the sum of all things external to business firms .Madhukar Angur
  • Specific and General forces – Specific forces include Investors  , customers , competitors and General forces include social , political , legal conditions.
  • Dynamic Nature – Business Environment is dynamic in nature as there is constant shifts in consumer preferences .
  • Complexity –  For example it is very difficult to predict the extent of relative impact of social , political trends on market .
  • Relativity –  Business Environment is also a relative concept as the Internal markets also get their influence from Markets of different countries .

India’s policy for growth of business

Make in India

Make In India

 Make in India is an initiative taken by our Hon’able Prime Minister  Narendra Modi  to make India a Manufacturing hub for key sectors like Automobiles , Aviation , IT , Construction. Make in India is a new national programme, designed to facilitate investment.

Business entities will be extended a red carpet welcome. The “Invest India” unit in the Commerce Ministry will act as the first reference point for guiding foreign investors on all aspects of regulatory and policy issues and to assist them in obtaining regulatory clearances.

Make in india


  • This will help in creating job market for over 10 million people in India.
  • Manufacturing done here would boost India’s GDP, trade and economic growth.

Since these will  manufacturing units employ locals, the circulation of money happens within the country boosting the economic well being and the human resource gets an opportunity to be utilized.The inspiration will definitely make people converting India into a self reliant, self sustaining manufacturing sector. 

How Can you increase your IQ level?

Madhukar Angur

Intelligent Quotient is the core of Intellectuality . Everyone has an individual intelligence quotient, which is a number indicating your inherent ability to learn instead of simply the knowledge you already have.
Lewis Terman (1916) developed the original notion of IQ and proposed this scale for classifying IQ scores:
• Over 140 – Genius or near genius
• 120 – 140 – Very superior intelligence
• 110 – 119 – Superior intelligence
• 90 – 109 – Normal or average intelligence
• 80 – 89 – Dullness
• 70 – 79 – Borderline deficiency
• Under 70 – Definite feeble-mindedness

Some of the ways to boost your IQ are :

• Meditation – . This helps your brain focus on one specific thing at a time and can help improve overall focus.
• Exercise- Exercise is known to stimulate brain cell growth.

• Sleep Optimization – A proper 8 hour sleep should be taken .
• Do practice tests-Logic puzzles such as Sudoku are the cherry on the cake when it comes to exercising the brain. While there is no substantive evidence that brain teasers actually improve intellect, it is well proven that mental challenges help hone your sharpness. Jigsaw puzzles help engage the brain and encourage the retention of information about shapes and colors
• Think Creatively – Creative cognition involves divergent thinking and generating original, novel ideas.
• Friendly Debate – Discuss, don’t argue. When you are in a debate you should try to persuade, but welcome opposing ideas not as attacks but opportunities. Debating forces you to examine your opinions.

Outstanding leaders put people first

Management is the process of reaching organizational goals by working with and through people and other organizational resources.


The 4 basic management functions that make up the management process are described in the following sections:


A two-year study by workplace think-tank the Work Foundation suggests that the most effective leaders think and act systemically, seeing the whole picture rather than compartmentalising. They see people as the sole route to performance and are deeply people and relationship centred rather than just people oriented. Moreover, they are self-confident without being arrogant.

“Outstanding leaders focus on people, attitudes and engagement, co-creating vision and strategy. Instead of one-to-one meetings centred on tasks, they seek to understand people and their motives,” she explained.

“Instead of developing others through training and advice, they do this through challenge and support. They manage performance holistically, attending to the mood and behaviour of their people as well as organisational objectives. And instead of seeing people as one of many priorities, they put the emphasis on people issues first.