Tips to improve concentration levels by Dr Madhukar Angur

Madhukar Angur

Attention and concentration power are crucial factors required in our everyday tasks. However, there have been several instances of lack of concentration power & focus and the ability to remember things. Madhukar Angur, the chancellor of Alliance University states that it is important for a person to have a proper concentration level and focus to be effective and efficient in completing the task at hand. There is a direct relationship between the mental skills of concentration and memory power. The inability to remember things is an outcome of a failure to focus completely on the given task. It is one of the wide-spreading problems faced by the people belonging to all the age groups. The lack of concentration and focus is quite common among the students, adversely affecting their academic performance. Madhukar Angur points out the dire need for ensuring good concentration power and attention in the students for enhancing their learning abilities. Only a healthy brain can have the proper levels of concentration and focus. A balanced diet and physical exercise are essential for maintain a healthy brain and manage stress and anxiety. They are the key areas for maintaining the health of brain.


Madhukar Angur


Madhukar Angur highlights the importance of mediation which serves as a great medium to attain inner peace and combat concentration issues. Various studies have proven it to be one of the most power techniques for enhancement of concentration power and focus. He further states that multitasking is one of the major factors which results in divided attention and causes several errors in the tasks. It decreases the concentration level on both the task and increases the chances of errors by a great amount. Mr. Angur suggests that students should try to eliminate all the distractions while performing a certain task to attain the maximum output.



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