Macro Management Concept by Dr Madhukar Angur

The Concept of Macro Management is exactly in contrast to Micro Management. Macro management is the act of leading decision makers or managing the managers. Macro management is a close concept to the economic concept of mechanism design.Management can be broken down into two categories: micromanagement and macro management.

“Macro” comes from the Greek word for large. Frederick Keller defined macro managing as setting business policy, determining strategy and organizing management. A macro-manager delegates responsibilities to subordinates.

Benefit of Macro management involves , as in this a  macro manager decides what projects need to be done, sets the desired outcome and delegates responsibilities to subordinates. Macro managers act as general overseers. They rely heavily on those assigned to a project to complete it according to standards and protocol, but they contribute very little.

Madhukar Angur

Both forms of management have pros and cons associated with it. In Macro management the  managers are the ones who give out instructions to the people working for them and leave. At times the decision making process becomes a problem when situations arise and a quick judgment has to be made. Employees cannot always make decisions about the company. To a certain degree workers can’t be left too much on their own and would require supervision. This can result to inefficiency in the workplace since decisions are not made right away and workers are left to handle and make use of their time as they want.

Alliance University also as a business school focus on such management styles for management point of view. Both Forms have benefits as well as pitfalls. So, for success of an organisation balance of both Micro management and macro management should be applied. But the style whatever we choose should be ” SMART”.

Madhukar Angur



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