Views of Dr Madhukar Angur on Collective Leadership

Leadership is often is taken to be a part of Network Control ,Assessment Process. According to me effective networks at workplace and Industry are the Best Places to find the best leaders. Collective leadership is an emerging approach to leadership development that received national attention. Collective leadership occurs when people come together and mobilize human, cultural, and technological resources in ways that improve their communities for achievement of a particular objective.

As a being  associated with a Business School    like Alliance University we teach about  it is as a relational approach where multiple individuals assume leadership roles within a group while the entire group provides leadership to the wider community; it is a fluid approach that evolves in response to specific situations and settings.

At the combined level , goal of an organisation would be initiate smart leadership.  This process involves to Encourage team members who are at odds with each other to work through their differences utilizing collaborative decision making and conflict management techniques. Encourage the sharing of individual expertise and strengths within the group to help balance out the president’s portfolio.

Madhukar Angur

A skilled senior leadership team that thrives in complex and less predictable environments is essential for achieving institutional goals.The time is rapidly approaching for organisations to restore the imbalance that has been shaped by focusing exclusively on the individual leadership model. this is basically only way to ensure sustainable growth.



2 thoughts on “Views of Dr Madhukar Angur on Collective Leadership

  1. Collective leadership enhance the chances of problem solution more fast than an individual can handle. This increases the chances of individual growth in strengths.


  2. Very informative Blog by Mr. madhukar Angur. I liked their thoughts and he always provide good knowledge to us. And this one is the best blog as its all upon Collective LEADERSHIP. As I am pursuing my Post Graduation from Alliance, these kinds of topics helps me to better understand Business management.Thanks for Sharing Your thoughts Sir.

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