Impact of Social Media in Business: Dr Madhukar Angur

Madhukar Angur


It’s actually a fact that we cannot deny the impact of Social Media on the Business of Marketing.When creating a social media marketing strategy, it is worth thinking very carefully about who is being targeted. There will be people within your social networks who may not necessarily be customers, but who nevertheless can have a massive impact on your marketing efforts. Social media has assumed a more powerful role in helping to shape buying behaviors, amplifying the volume.

Such Geo-targeting is an effective way to send your message out to a specific audience or demographic based on their location as Consumers and internet users who have grown up in an environment saturated with social media, mobile computing and constant connectivity continue to gain financial influence and will increasingly leverage their new found power to control — at least indirectly — pricing, product selection, distribution and marketing efforts.

We at Alliance  University , being a business school  try to focus on the latest Trends in Business followed . Therefore its important to discuss this impact full topic.


Madhukar Angur


The above statistics shows the gender wise ratio of  population involved in social media interaction. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have tools that allow you to communicate the right kind of content to your audience.

The use of social media to share and engage with others continues to grow at an astounding rate and I Believe this would mark the introduction of new era of Business Management and Marketing Tactics.



5 thoughts on “Impact of Social Media in Business: Dr Madhukar Angur

  1. Social media today is the ultimate attention grabber. Today’s Marketing strategy prioritize mainly on Social Media , and this really helps to grow up the business.


  2. To achieve anything in life we should passionate about that. this mantra is the simplest of what this post says .. Good post !Inspiring one!!


  3. Social media marketing has become in trend!!


  4. social Media is an excellent platform for marketing…


  5. I believe social media can create an image and also destroy the image so it should be handled with care.


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