CSR Activities a new marketing tool by Dr Madhukar Angur

In recent years, a growing number of companies are adopting various corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives – the voluntary incorporation of social and environmental issues into a company’s business model and operations.

Corporate Social Responsibility refers basically to the concept of continuing business commitments to economic development while behaving ethically, legibly and contributing for welfare of society. This concept also holds the objectives that companies promote their CSR activities for their corporate image. The advantage of CSR is not just making profit or better social performance. Today CSR marketing is a new sub-science of the world of marketing at large. In fact, it is the best thing to do when you are a big brand with a footprint of consumption across the world. While many organizations undertake their social responsibility as charity, many undertake it to fulfill  their marketing needs or to give a positive disposition to their brands.

Tata Group also has an organized relief program in case of natural disasters, including long-term treatment and rebuilding efforts. It did laudable work during the Gujarat earthquakes and Orissa floods. It also supports education, with over 500 schools, and also is a benefactor of the arts and culture. It has done abundant work in improving the environment and local populations around its industries.

Infosys is aggressively involved in a variety of community growth programs. In 1996, the company created the Infosys Foundation as a not-for-profit trust to which it contributes up to 1 percent of profits after tax every year. Moreover, the Education and Research Department at Infosys also works with employee volunteers on community development projects.


3 thoughts on “CSR Activities a new marketing tool by Dr Madhukar Angur

  1. Initiative of CSR activities deserve a round of applause for all the organizations indulged in it. This is really helpful for society’s welfare.


  2. I think big Business Houses get into these social activities with their objective of expansion of business. This has also emerged as a new marketing tool as well.


  3. I am in complete support of Dr Madhukar Angur’s mindful thought that doing such acts of social welfare could also be a strategy of a long term objective as business minds are always in opportunity


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