Carnival event at Alliance University


Madhukar Angur


Alliance University is organizing a carnival event on 14th and 15th October 2015. The event is full of various cultural events and myriad personas along with fun, happiness and serendipity. It has different activities related to different departments and interest of people. The university looks forward to become world’s top university by the year 2025 with its continuous efforts in the same direction in the pursuit of excellence. The honorable chancellor of Alliance University, Madhukar G. Angur believes in the overall development of students and encourages such events to enhance one’s skills and talents. According to him the carnival is the perfect platform to showcase the skills and catch on some fun and entertainment.
Alliance Carnival 2015 has various cultural events, MBA events, engineering events, BBA events, Law events and commerce events. The cultural events include various talent hunting activities like Baila (group dance), Rock of ages (music), Aura (fashion show), Alliance short film festival, B-Boying and performances by Alliance theatrical society. Many strategy games like La estrategia (operations), Fiesta de mercadeo (marketing), Finanza (finance), best manager (BBA/MBA), genesis (HR) and business quiz (BBA/MBA) are included in MBA events. The engineering events include bot wars, lantrocity, code wars and Big bomb theory (treasure hunt).
The opportunity to showcase marketing skills and test the decision making ability is provided in the BBA events with Round table rendezvous (corporate strategy), merakinyst (marketing), finnacle (finance), sapiopes (human resource management) and business quiz. The law events include various activities to enhance thinking skills and judgment like celebrity advocacy, provision writing and bail petition. The financial finesse and finergy are the part of commerce events in the carnival.


3 thoughts on “Carnival event at Alliance University

  1. The carnival was really superb !! I thoroughly enjoyed it. The preparations were all good . Alliance good job !


  2. Yippeee!! carnival was a blast. I participated in the group dance competition. .. It was fun .


  3. I seriously enjoyed the festive mood at Alliance to best of its fervor. Had a great time at Alliance university with my cousin who is studying there.


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