CSR Activities at Alliance by Madhukar Angur

Being chancellor of this University I , Madhukar Angur  would like to illustrate the corporate social activities at Alliance University. I believe it is the responsibility of every organisation be it corporate , to act in a socially desirablr manner . Corporate social responsibility can be  defined by achieving  commercial success in ways that honour ethical values and respect people , communities and the natural environment.

CSR at the University encourages and propels students to imbibe the qualities of enlightened leadership and thereby instills in them a level of trust and confidence about themselves and the community.Corporate social responsibility at the Alliance University will align itself and work towards achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals, by 2015. Alliance University empowers students by providing opportunities to participate in social outreach programs of the University so as to enable them to serve the underprivileged section of the society, and enhance their quality of life by willingly contributing skills and knowledge.

Some of the activities at Alliance in calendar year 2015 include :

  • Dental check up by Apollo Dental Care

Madhukar Angur


  • Career Guidance Program for Government School Children

  • Road Safety Awareness Programmes

Madhukar Angur

  • Science Education Workshop, Film Show, Sky Observatory, Science Quiz and Mobile Science Exhibition in collaboration with VIT Museum

Madhukar Angur



One thought on “CSR Activities at Alliance by Madhukar Angur

  1. It should be made a obligatory duty to carry out CSR activity at each and every institution , enterprise. Alliance is doing a great job !


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