Lecture on Business Economics by Madhukar Angur

As a Professor  I , Madhukar Angur  believes that Business Economic  establishes  rules which aid  business firms to  attain their objectives. This Business Economic program lays its emphasis on business fields and completely focus on the use of economic analysis and statistical methods in dealing effectively with management problems.

Business economics helps in reaching a variety of business decisions in a complex environment. Some examples are:

(i) What products and services are to be produced? (ii) Which  production technique to  be used? (iii) How much output should be produced? (iv) At  what prices product  should be sold? (v) What could be the  locations of new plants? (vi) How should the available capital be allocated?

Nowadays a lot many careers have come in place like in :

  • Financial institutions
  • Marketing institutions
  • Investment institutions
  • Consulting firms
  • Market research organizations
  • Mergers and acquisitions departments
  • Insurance companies

Alliance is also focusing on Such programs like Business Economics , Business Management .. Here we focus on what to do ? but How to do ? Our objective is to make our students self reliant in their decisions especially in their career  matters.



2 thoughts on “Lecture on Business Economics by Madhukar Angur

  1. Business economics is generating many job opportunities for young generation today


  2. This post has helped me to give right direction to my search of jobs with my study of research.


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