Madhukar Angur on Celebrity Influence on Brand

Celebrities Image have actually increased in modern culture , people are crazy about following their favorite stars . As  critic , I Madhukar Angur is very serous on such issue.  As Celebrities are people who enjoy public recognition, love and attention  .   For companies this has become the real winning formula to indulge a celebrity for better product marketing. Researches indicate that brand’s association with an established personality helps to strengthen the brands core value .

The commercials on television greatly impacts minds of masses . Some of the commercials and celebrity involvement  has also benefited the society like Amitabh Bachchan in Polio Campaign .
Madhukar Angur

I  believe masses should first check the credential of brand and the celebrity before trusting them . As we at Alliance university also lay stress on Branding concepts .


7 thoughts on “Madhukar Angur on Celebrity Influence on Brand

  1. yes we do get influenced by the star who is endorsing the product , specially the beauty products . Dr Angur’s concern is absolutely correct.


  2. I am huge fan of Deepika Padukone , and actualy that influenced me to change my hairoil .. Though it has not affected me in ay wrong way but we yes we should always first check the credential of brand as stated by Madhukar Angur


  3. I don’t think in cities people have such blind trust that they don’t check the product’s quality .


  4. celebrity presence also makes campaigns successful like satyamev jayate due to Aamir Khan


  5. I believe famous personalities should also confirm about quality of brand before associating with it . As they are the role models of society .


  6. Alliance is doing good work by giving its students opportunity to think on issues like branding . etc . Branding is actually a important issue .


  7. celebrity involvement has become trendy nowadays… but it all depends on audience .. they should be smart enough to take decision.


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