Public Private Partnership Key to India’s Economy by Madhukar Angur

As an Entrepreneur I , Madhukar Angur  is very concerned about India’s Growth and Economy .   Public Private Partnerships I believe are such innovative projects that have integrated public infrastructure with the big  financing  private enterprises.The Government of India is actively encouraging PPPs through several initiatives.

such schemes like public-private partnerships in infrastructure (PPPI) program provides systemic training, and skills enhancement leading to the development of a cadre of capable and knowledgeable public sector professionals.These PPPs are ensuring the effective utilization of state assets in a manner that is productive as well as profitable.These projects have  unique problems also like  for example  structuring, risk management, and financing as they are usually characterized by large investment, long   periods.

For example, in Mumbai, the metro system is being built on PPP model.  Many airports including the T3 of Delhi airport are built on the same  model. PPP projects also lead to faster implementation, reduced lifecycle costs, and optimal risk allocation. Private management also increases accountability and incentivizes performance and maintenance of required service standards.


2 thoughts on “Public Private Partnership Key to India’s Economy by Madhukar Angur

  1. In my opinion public private engagement in growth projects can successfully complete them and with improved speed


  2. I was not at all aware of the advantages of PPP model .. Must read post …


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