Tips to decide career option from Madhukar Angur

Madhukar Angur

I Madhukar Angur would like to give my critical advice on this important decision. As  choosing a career is a dilemma for many . Students generally don’t realize their skills , interests and aptitude , personality preferences . Your aptitude slowly and unknowingly develops in you a mindset towards a particular field of activity. Sometimes, the person doesn’t know him or herself well enough to make a specific career or college major choice. First  the person should realize what he or she would like to do . Then one should understand about his / her chosen career’s objectives , demands , growth opportunities.

Students can also go for Personality tests or Aptitude Tests so that they can decide the industry to opt for .  So, choose wisely and select a field that encompasses as many of your talents as possible, to allow you to the greatest freedom and leeway for shifting around a field doing different jobs with a good set of basic skills, along with a good dose of solid confidence in your worth and abilities.


One thought on “Tips to decide career option from Madhukar Angur

  1. choosing a career is really a dilemma . specially when u dont realize your capabilities ..


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