Madhukar Angur to Alliancians

On the occasion of Teacher’s day I  Madhukar Angur, Chancellor of Alliance University  Wish all the Alliancians , Professors  Happy Teachers Day. It’s a day dedicated to thank all the Gurus , idols who have played vital role in shaping  your career , personality . Today I would like to share my role model as a teacher  that is  Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He was one of the most erudite educationist .

I have always been great follower of Dr. Radhakrishnan’s  ideas and vision . And I believe  he  is such a personality whose  thought and vision in the world community  will be remembered as a torchbearer in various spheres of life for days to come.

The teacher in Sir Radhakrishnan had a prophetic vision; his analysis and understanding of what had been ailing our civilization is true even today; his diagnosis of the problems that scare and threaten mankind is valid even now. He was amazingly gifted with insight and foresight born out of his accurate far-sightedness. In all his speeches and writings, be they on education, philosophy, science, religion, culture, civilization, politics, his total stress was on the quality of life. His foresight and prophetic observations on human conduct have a single aim- the awakening of human soul for the awake and enlightened man alone can understand and fulfill his obligations and responsibilities to humanity at large otherwise millions and billions keep groping in the dark causing accidents.



One thought on “Madhukar Angur to Alliancians

  1. Dr Radhakrishnan is idol for many because of his amazing vision and ideology .


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