Critical View of Madhukar Angur on Business Objectives

Madhukar Angur

I Madhukar Angur , would like to lay stress on some of the key areas on which Business Objectives have impact .

  • Market Standing : It refers to position of an enterprise in relation to its competitors. A Business enterprise must aim at strong footing in terms of its offerings of products.
  • Innovation: It is basically introduction of new ideas . Innovation can be of two types in terms of service and also in terms of skills .
  • Productivity : It is the measure of efficiency.  An economic measure of output per unit of input. Inputs include labor and capital, while output is typically measured in revenues and other GDP components such as business inventories.
  • Physical and Financial Resources : Physical resources refers to machines , offices etc and financial resources refers to investments.Any business handling physical goods must be able to obtain physical resources, must be sure of its supply.
  • Worker Performance and Attitude : Worker’s Performance and Attitude determines their contribution towards productivity.
  • Social Obligation: It refers to obligation  of Business firms to contribute to resources for solving of social problems .




One thought on “Critical View of Madhukar Angur on Business Objectives

  1. Innovation is the birthplace to inventions. so one should have an clear objective about business .


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