Madhukar Angur’s view on Branding in Business

Madhukar Angur

Branding acts as a way of communicating with your customers. Without expensive advertising, you can deliver a message through your well-designed brand.

In this consumer environment, I, Madhukar angur really agrees with the fact that the brands play a critical role. When consumers first started purchasing more food and raising less themselves, they purchased items from a bulk bin. They had no information about what ingredients the products contained, how safe they were, and how they would perform. Branding created the protection that consumers demanded.

A brand must

  • Invent its own style of communication
  • Prove its difference (why is this product better than competitor)
  • Regularly invest in communications

Regardless of your brand mission, identifying and gaining the devotion of your target audience is the necessary means to reaching your brand objectives.

Madhukar Angur


3 thoughts on “Madhukar Angur’s view on Branding in Business

  1. Product Branding is important and it should hold the nerves of the consumers den only it wil be successful in its objectives


  2. Through this post only I got to know about the importance of style of communication in branding.


  3. I believe investment in Communication is majorly we all lack.. Thanx to this great article ..


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