Principles of Fayol explained by Madhukar Angur


Madhukar Angur


In my,  Dr Madhukar Angur’s opinion  Henri Fayol, the father of the school of Systematic Management, has motivated to create a theoretical foundation for a managerial educational program based on his experience as a successful managing director of a mining company. In his day, managers had no formal training and he observed that the increasing complexity of organisations would require more professional management.

The Five Functions are:


drawing up plans of actions that combine unity, continuity, flexibility and precision given the organisation’s resources, type and significance of work and future trends.

2. Organizing

An organization can only function well if it is well-organized. This means that there must be sufficient capital, staff and raw materials so that the organization can run smoothly and that it can build a good working structure.

3. Commanding

When given orders and clear working instructions, employees will know exactly what is required of them. Return from all employees will be optimized if they are given concrete instructions with respect to the activities that must be carried out by them.


Unifying and harmonizing activities and efforts to maintain the balance between the activities of the organisation as in sales to production and procurement to production.


Identifying weaknesses and errors by controlling feedback, and conforming activities with plans, policies and instructions.

Madhukar Angur


2 thoughts on “Principles of Fayol explained by Madhukar Angur

  1. I think coordination is the most important aspect to be stressed upon .


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