Indian Management Conclave

Madhukar Angur


The quality of education is another issue  that I , Dr Madhukar Angur highlighted, I said “As educators we should try and do what we are doing in one discipline and hopefully what we are doing in this discipline will have a spill over effect in other disciplines. I listed some of the challenges we face in this discipline, one is employability factor which is bothersome.

I  also added that “Our employability per cent is just about 15 per cent. As educators, we need to say that whoever our graduates are not readily absorbed in the market place and that is of concern. We need to do something competitive however we define competitiveness. We lack in global visibility, our school don’t have global visibility.

The third issue is research visibility or productivity, number of patents filed, number of research papers. US has 600 thousand papers published, but India only 60,000 papers. We also have entrepreneurship issues. Many of the times we look at education as a process and sometimes as a project. We are essentially focusing on ‘learning what’, what should the student learn…but what’s more important is, are we enhancing the ‘learning how’ process of the student.”

Chancellor , Alliance University

Madhukar Angur




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