Grab the Opportunities: Dr Madhukar Angur




Madhukar Angur



Employment Opportunities for Rural youth has been a matter of concern for me , Dr Madhukar Angur . But  Now I got know about  Rural Self-Employment Training Institutes (RESTI) that have been  promoted for the purpose of providing opportunities to the rural youth for their skill up gradation leading to self-employment. The RESTI’s core offering includes its free, unique and intensive short-term residential training designed for rural youth.


Objectives of the RSETIs : 

Madhukar Angur

i) Training of rural BPL and other youths for self-employment.
ii) Need based training programmes.
iii)Intensive short-term residential self-employment training programmes with free food and accommodation.
iii) Areas of the training programme are decided after the aptitude test of the candidate.
iv) Hand holding support for assured credit linkage with banks.
v) Escort services for at least two years after the end of the training programme to ensure sustainability of the micro enterprise trainees.

RSETIs across the country design various innovative training programmes every year which are area specific, thus enabling the emerging entrepreneurs inacquiring the appropriate entrepreneurial skills in running their enterprises successfully. The basket of training programmes could vary every year and it is very dynamic in nature.


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