Success Story of Coordination straight from Madhukar Angur

Madhukar Angur

Coordination is another key factor for the success of a management. Dabbawallas of Mumbai is one such great example I , Dr Madhukar Angur would like to share ..

The Success story of Dabbawallas is a Six Sigma Business Enterprise. The very question lies in that What is the secret behind the efficiency with which their business is conducted ?

The story of Dabbawallas begins in the kitchens of Mumbai . After they step out of their doors , someone begins with process of preparation of lunch. The  First  Dabbawalla picks up tiffin from home and takes it to nearesty railway station. The second Dabbawalla sorts out the Dabbas according to the destination. Then the third one travels with the Dabbas to the destination . Then fourth one picks up Dabbas from the destination to the office.

This whole distribution process involves negligible technology as these Dabbawallas  rely on low capital , bicycles and wooden carriages  for commutation .

Punctuality and Time Management are the main agenda of these Dabbawallas . Dabbawallas have actually become the second lifeline of Mumbaikars …


One thought on “Success Story of Coordination straight from Madhukar Angur

  1. Teamwork is always successful when it is synchronized and coordinated .. The post has explained a remarkable example of Dabbawallas .


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