Business Environment

Madhukar Angur

The term Business Environment means sum total of all individuals, institutions and other forces that are outside business but have a effect on it’s performance. The economic , social , political , technological and other forces which work apart from the Business Environment .

Like  the changes in the Governments policies political uncertainty , changes in fashions and increased competition in the market , all such factors influence business .

Features of a Business Environment :

  • Totality of External Forces – Business Environment is the sum of all things external to business firms .Madhukar Angur
  • Specific and General forces – Specific forces include Investors  , customers , competitors and General forces include social , political , legal conditions.
  • Dynamic Nature – Business Environment is dynamic in nature as there is constant shifts in consumer preferences .
  • Complexity –  For example it is very difficult to predict the extent of relative impact of social , political trends on market .
  • Relativity –  Business Environment is also a relative concept as the Internal markets also get their influence from Markets of different countries .

2 thoughts on “Business Environment

  1. Dimensions of Business Environment must be kept in mind for developmnet of a enterprise. This post is clearly laying stress on its features .


  2. In a Business Organisation , handling with technological factors is really a tuff task ..
    Post has stressed upon each and every aspect of a Business Environment.


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