India’s policy for growth of business

Make in India

Make In India

 Make in India is an initiative taken by our Hon’able Prime Minister  Narendra Modi  to make India a Manufacturing hub for key sectors like Automobiles , Aviation , IT , Construction. Make in India is a new national programme, designed to facilitate investment.

Business entities will be extended a red carpet welcome. The “Invest India” unit in the Commerce Ministry will act as the first reference point for guiding foreign investors on all aspects of regulatory and policy issues and to assist them in obtaining regulatory clearances.

Make in india


  • This will help in creating job market for over 10 million people in India.
  • Manufacturing done here would boost India’s GDP, trade and economic growth.

Since these will  manufacturing units employ locals, the circulation of money happens within the country boosting the economic well being and the human resource gets an opportunity to be utilized.The inspiration will definitely make people converting India into a self reliant, self sustaining manufacturing sector. 


3 thoughts on “India’s policy for growth of business

  1. Really A great start off by PM Modi .. Hats of to his vision … Such schemes will mhelp to generate employment for us .. “The Youth “


  2. India has really got its real man .. dat will surely put up India on Globe …
    Great start by PM!!


  3. Such policies will Indians self reliant and skilled .. Nyc project by the government…


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